When we decided to choose each other as life partners,

we made one massive promise. The promise was to wholeheartedly

‘live’ with every fiber of our body. To embrace the notion that

“to live is the rarest thing on earth...most people simply exist.”

We vowed to never slump into existing but to challenge each other to find life through everything we do. To look hardships in the eye, to practice kindness, kindness and more kindness, to laugh till abs cave in, to look at success and failure interchangeably, to seek adventures in high and low places, and to find purpose and balance in a world full of chaos. Armed with perhaps the strongest tool; our love for each other.

Now, we ask you all, to join us in LIVING this weekend. In doing every part of it wholeheartedly. Laugh till you forget why you’re laughing. Dress till you and only you feels like a star. Eat till you bloat and gloat. Dance like no one's watching. And most importantly, love, with us and for us. Because the magic won’t happen without you.


With Love,

JENAN & Mahmoud




Dress code: Cocktail attire (no heels allowed)


The wedding location


Dress code: Black tie

We won’t lie, it took a village for us to be able to share Aswan, and all its magic for our special weekend with you.

But we managed to take care of all things transport and hunt down the best accommodation in this dynamic city so that you’re well rested and well taken care of for the weekend. All we ask of you is to bring your A game to each event till the sun rises.

Mohamed Sagheer and his wonderful team will have a salon

set up at the Old Cataract Hotel & Movenpick Resort.


Services including brushing, hair up,

make up, manicure, & nail polish change.


for all inquiries: +201060133002

NOTE: Please make your hotel and flight bookings through our dedicated Wedding Travel Team by email janjoudi@abercrombiekent.com.eg

motor boats will be available to take you to

the various venues throughout the weekend,

departing from docking points 1 & 2.


1902, Old Cataract Hotel


Dress code: Silk, Satin, Lace & Linen

(high-street insomniac)





Abercrombie & Kent, Aswan connoisseurs, will be offering their services for you to discover Aswan during your stay. We encourage you to speak with the A&K hospitality guru to arrange for excursions during the day.


We will be organising shuttles by road and boat to take you to each venue throughout the wedding weekend, departing from the Docking points at the Cataract Hotel and Movenpick Resort.

Shuttle service will be provided from the Airport, as well as to and from the docking points and venues.

The docking points will be located next to the Old Cataract Hotel (Docking Point 1), and the Movenpick Resort (Docking Point 2). Several boats will be docked at these points for you to stay at during our wedding weekend.


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Click here for more information about chartered flights.


Once you arrive at Aswan Airport, shuttles will be available to take you to The Cataract hotel & docking point + The Movenpick hotel & docking point. There will then be shuttles between the hotels and docking points.





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